Bioderma Sebium Hydra 7/10

Bioderma sebium hydra

Texture: 6

Effectiveness: 9

Ingredients: 8

Appearance: 3

Odor & package: 7

Price value: 9

By on July 14th, 2019 in Skincare, Reviews

Bioderma sebium hydra is a moisturizer for those who are in a drying and irritating dermatological treatment or for those who have a dehydrated oily skin.

This cleanser belongs to Bioderma Sebium product range, a range of product for those who have acne prone or oily skin, you can check Bioderma Sebium foaming gel review if you’re interested too.


When it comes to its appearance, it is definitely is worst drawback since sebium hydra tends to leave the skin shiny due to its high content in paraffin.

In my case, when the product is in your skin during 2-3 hours it starts to stop shining due to the fact that I’ve used it during an accutane course.

When I used it in a dehydrated oily skin, its shine effect was more noticeable and lasted more, always leaving the face shinier even hours after application.


It’s texture was right for me, since it leaves the skin with a pleasant calm feeling.

You may feel it a bit oily since the products ingredients are thought for dehydrated and irritated skins but that does not mean that it will cause acne.

Ingredient analysis

Ceramide 3

Ceramide 3 can improve skin barrier function and improve skin irritated by sulfates and other irritating ingredients.

Skin barrier dysfunction may aggravate acne, so using ceramides can alleviate irritated skin and improve acne condition.


It’s able to speed up wounds repair

Mineral oil

Mineral oil is an occlusive, that can seal the skin to keep it’s hydration.


It is an hydrator that can attract water providing hydration to the skin.

Other ingredients

The rest of the ingredients are safe too, it does not contain parabens.

Note that the product contains ethylhexyl palmitate which has a 4/5 on comedogenic rate (it can cause new acne).

Even though it has not cause new acne on me the times i’ve used it, and bioderma list it as a no comedogenic product so it should not cause acne.

Remember that if a product has a comedogenic ingredients it does not mean that it will cause acne, cause if it is not used in high quantities it should not cause any problem.

It also include glycyrrhetinic acid, xylitol, mannitol… that can act as skin conditioners and improve barrier function.  


As a result of it’s very good ingredients, the effectiveness could not be bad.

It is able to leave a dehydrated oily skin moisturized during several hours, furthermore when we talk about people whose skin are being treated with accutane its moisturizing effect last longer than other treatments like la roche possay effaclar h and uriage hyseac r but it’s not as moisturizing as ducray keracnyl repair.

It does not irritate the skin and due to its allantoin and enoxolone content can reduce redness, but don’t expect so much redness reduction since the anti-redness effect is almost unnoticeable.

It alleviates the sensation of tightness as soon as you put it on and it can definitely repair the stratum corneum due to it’s ceramide content and its capacity to form a protective barrier in your skin due to it’s occlusive content.

Odor and package

Odor it’s fine, since fragrance is not aggressive and is the last ingredient (what means that this ingredient is present in the lowest amounts).

The odor is nice for me and it’s not strong.

The reason why in this case fragances should be avoided is that when someone it’s doing a course of an aggressive dermatological treatment and has an irritated and sensitive skin, it would be better to avoid fragrances since they can increase sensitivity.

By the way, in this case the product does not produce any irritation.

In terms of packaging it’s almost perfect, since it comes in a 40ml tube, it would be flawless if it were airless but for this price point a tube package is fine since it is just a moisturizer.

Price value

The product is quite cheap, since you can find it for just 10-15€ in Europe or import it to America for 15-20$.

Since I used it during an accutane course just at nights, it lasted me 45 days using more amount of product per day than what i really needed so with a normal use it could last 2-2.5 months.

The verdict

Bioderma sebium hydra it’s a very good product for those suffering dehydrated and irritated skin due to aggressive treatments or natural skin sensitivity.

But, for those with healthy oily skin, I’d go for a lighter moisturizer since it definitely leaves you shiny.